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June 20th, 2014, 8:11 am

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June 20th, 2014, 8:11 am

Some of you may feel surprised by this turn of events. The rest of you will most likely silently nod in agreement as you've noticed how this webcomic has been lacking a pulse for quite some time. I had some ideas floating around how to properly end this comic. Like a story arch, a crossover, or maybe even an elaboration on what a Rare Candy treatment actually is. But this update is already long overdue, so I ended up doing something quicker. The above image contains a few references from some of the strips that I to this day still like, and hopefully, something that you associate with this comic as well. Thanks to everyone who has read it, liked it, and spread the word about it, and occasionally shooting me some kind words along the way. You made this project of mine a fun experience, and for that I'm grateful.

First off, the end of this webcomic is not because I've run out of ideas for strips. Secondly, it's not a financial matter either. I have simply come to realise that I've done everything I wanted to with this project, and that I'm ultimately not cut-out for this kind of activity. My oldest visitors may reminisce the days when I updated once a week, maybe even twice. I was fresh out of school then, with no job and nothing but time, so while I was getting my life together, I took the opportunity to also start something new. Now, my life is a bit different, and this comic is becoming more and more like an old friend that I still keep in touch with but rarely have the time to visit. So rather than churning out a few more strips at a rate that rivals snails, I prefer to pull the plug myself and give it a worthy burial. Particularly so as one of the reasons behind its conception was that I didn't know of many Poke-comics that updated often, so the realisation that I've now become one of them didn't sit too well with me.

The site will stay up long enough for it to meet the same fate as any place that no longer gets updated; fall into internet oblivion and then only be discovered through very specific Google search entries. The entirety of the comic archive is also available to be downloaded as a zip file. The thought of running a Kickstarter to fund a printed book did occur to me, but as I have zero experience in that area, we're all probably better off with me not attempting it. I've seen enough brave souls struggle to meet those goals, and I have no intention to increase their number. For those of you feeling uncertain of what the future holds now that there's one Pokemon webcomic less to follow, my Info page has been updated with some of my personal recommendations of webcomics to check out. Some of them may even be Pokémon related.

Even though the above image serves to make the task of thanking everyone involved a much more efficient process, there are still some groups of people that particularly deserve a special mention. I'd like to offer my gratitude to SmackJeeves for running a webcomic system that's easy enough to understand and fit to your liking, as well as containing a community that several times helped me solve a few riddles related to site coding. Thanks also to my followers over at DeviantArt, who were more inclined than others to notice and call me out on flaws in my work, as well as providing praise which urged me to do better. Also gonna do a shoutout to the regulars over at Smeargle's Studio within the Smogon forums, who not only offered advice, but also were there for some quick last-minute feedback before shipping out new strips. No speech of thanks would be complete without bringing up my family, who inspired me to take my drawings further and rarely asked if I ever thought about pursuing a webcomic with a real topic. And lastly, a large 'thank you' goes to the people at Nintendo and Game Freak, who created the very universe that I've selfishly exploited, and then make jokes on their behalf. You guys are alright.

This entry has now become longer than it should be, but when you've been doing something for about four years, it's easy to get sentimental. This is also the point where I offer mandatory congratulations to everyone resisting the temptation to skim everything up to this point, and so I tip my hat in your general direction. As an artist, it is only natural for me to improve over the course of time. Thus, pretty much every strip I've made contains something I now would have done better. Some of the early ones (read: all of them) even make me cringe horribly. So if anything, keeping this webcomic public will be the only thing keeping me humble, as my origins can be seen by everyone. And yet, I still wouldn't have done anything differently. What started out as a modest hobby has now become something I consider a skill, and those who've ever considered a project similar to this one, I can recommend trying it out. At worst, it won't lead anywhere. At best, you end up with a talent you've polished further. My comic has reached its end today, but my experience as an artist hasn't. So wherever I'm taking that interest next, I'll make sure to enjoy the trip.

See you around.

September 16th, 2019, 5:01 am